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The VersityLink MSP Program provides management of the complete recruitment life cycle including: administration, requirement delivery, requisition development and submission, rate monitoring, time and expense reporting, workflow and auditing/ logging capability. In addition to our secure, online management solution to streamline the process, VersityLink dedicates staff to support both the requirement definition process and vendor selection process to ensure an unbiased and cost-effective mechanism for acquisition of specialized staffing resources. VersityLink’s model provides a reduction in the cost of acquiring a qualified consultant and removes the administrative burden of self-managed and decoupled resource acquisition. It also provides a third-party recommendation for the most appropriate candidate matching.

The VersityLink MSP Program also consolidates the process and eliminates the cost creep and challenges surrounding quality management by implementing programs to limit preferred vendors. In turn, increasing the quality of consultants and reducing the risk associated with contractor utilization. Everyone knows the phrase ‘Knowledge is Power.’ The information and data collected via the VersityLink MSP Program enables full cost comparison, vendor comparisons, quality checks and the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Planet can schedule Vendor Audit Workshops to perform a process assessment and provide a high-level roadmap to establishing the VersityLink MSP Program.

Our Vendor Audit Workshops can answer questions such as:

  • How does a VersityLink MSP Program work and is it right for our organization?
  • Should we implement a Business Unit/ Practice Area focused MSP or an Enterprise MSP?
  • Where does the VersityLink MSP save us money? What can we expect to save within the first 12 months and beyond?
  • How does the VersityLink MSP Program track the life cycle of contractor acquisi tion? Can it streamline our processes?
  • Will we have access to contractor time reports and expenses through the VersityLink MSP Program?
  • What processes are in place to consolidate vendors through the VersityLink MSP Program?
  • Will I lose control if the VersityLink MSP Program is established?
  • What can be automated via the VersityLink MSP Program and what is still a manual process?
  • Who owns the VersityLink MSP Program?
  • What costs are associated with establish- ing the VersityLink MSP Program?
  • How do we track cost savings the VersityLink MSP Program?
  • What steps are taken to achieve organizational adoption before, during and after establishing the VersityLink MSP Program?
  • How quickly can the VersityLink MSP Program be established?


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